Self-Publishers Guide to ISBNs

April 8, 2017 Print & POD, Tips and Advice

Many authors and business are confused about ISBNs for self-published books. What is an ISBN? Do you need one? Where do you get it? Can...

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Creative Book Marketing: Diary of an Oxygen Thief

We get a lot of requests for help with book marketing. Many indie authors are overwhelmed at the thought of it. How do you start?...

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Save Time and Money: Prepare Your Manuscript the Right Way

How to Prepare Your Manuscript It’s never too soon to be getting your manuscript ready for production: the process of turning your file into...

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Join eBook DesignWorks at the San Miguel de Allende Writers Conference

January 1, 2017 Helpful Resources, Industry News

Hey everyone…Happy New Year! Since it’s January now, you’re probably getting pretty sick of dark skies, short days, and chilly temperatures. If so, how about...

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