Book Editing & Proofreading Services

Editing and proofreading are critical to publishing success.

All commercially published books undergo careful editing by teams of talented editors and proofreaders. For your self-published book to succeed, your manuscript needs a similar level of care. No authors can edit his or her own material. It just doesn’t work. Copyediting and proofreading must be done by professionals with a sharp eye for detail and through understanding of the English language.

A great copy editor will review your content for proper punctuation, usage and syntax; create or apply style rules; fine-tune structure, tone, and voice; and ensuring clarity, coherence and logical flow and consistency.

Our manuscript editing and proofing services will ensure your manuscript is top quality and ready for publication.

“Your proofing is excellent. You made valuable suggestions and corrections, and the book will look a lot more professional as a result.” — Bart Walton


We’ll polish your manuscript for syntax, diction, grammar, and overall clarity. Our book editor will:

Correct grammar

Eliminate overall wordiness

Fine-tune copy for maximum readability and impact

Strengthen weak vocabulary

Polish awkward phrasing

Replace passive verbs with active ones


We’ll fix your typos, spelling mistakes, punctuation problems, and capitalization errors. Also we proof for consistency throughout your manuscript. (We’ll create a stylesheet or use the stylesheet provided by your editor.) Treatments that often need to be standardized include:

Number and date formatting

Recipe ingredients and measurements

Oxford (serial) commas

Units of time, measurement, weight, currency


Industry terminology

Hyphenation and compound adjectives

British or American spelling

Editing & Proofing FAQ

How long does editing take?

It depends on the length, complexity, and subject matter of your book, as well as the level of editing you need. A short marketing ebook can be copyedited in a day or two, whereas a longer, more complex non-fiction book like a cookbook or travel guide could easily take several weeks or longer for content and copyediting. Highly specialized material, like textbooks and scientific books will need a month or more. Story editing for a novel may take several weeks, but of course you’ll need time to assess and act upon your editor’s recommendations. Quality editing can’t be rushed, but we’ll turn your work around as quickly as meticulous review allows.

My ebook is going to be distributed for I still need an editor?

Yes! A free download represents you and your business. An ebook riddled with mistakes or written poorly isn’t going to bring in new clients or give anyone confidence in your services. Professional editing is an investment that pays huge dividends.

Do you edit novels too?

Yes. We work with a small, carefully chosen team of excellent fiction editors.

My budget is tight. Is editing neccessary?

A good editor can mean the difference between critical or business success and harsh reviews. What’s that worth to you?