“I could not be happier! eBook DesignWorks made everything so easy, providing suggestions when I needed them and designing a cover that fit the content of my book perfectly.”

— Marianne Beal Peters,
Declutter for Good

Book Cover Design Services

Good covers sell books.

A powerful book cover will make a huge difference in your book sales. The right cover design can mean the difference between selling 50 copies per year and 50 copies per week or even per day.

We’ll create a unique, visually engaging cover design that intrigues customers and makes them want to buy your book. Your non-fiction book cover will communicate your expertise, your content, and your brand. Your fiction book cover will reflect the subject and tone of your novel. All at a glance.

We begin with a conversation about your goals for the book, your design preferences, and your target audience. Are you targeting business professionals? High-end international travelers? Pre-retirement investors? College students looking to improve their study skills? Do you prefer illustration or photography? How about striking type treatment instead? Do you have any branding guidelines we should follow?

Once your needs are clear, we’ll design a unique, attention-getting cover that targets your specific audience and spurs them to action. You’ll receive a cover mockup and a round of free revisions.

When we’re done, you’ll have a book cover that

  • stands out in crowded search results,
  • is easily readable at thumbnail size,
  • connects with the demographic you want to reach,
  • looks great at full size, with striking design, typography, and layout,
  • communicates that your content is interesting and professional, and
  • inspires readers to buy your book, download it from your website, or share it professionally.

If you’d like to offer a print version of your ebook (either traditional offset or print-on-demand), we’ll create a three- or five-panel print cover that includes a striking spine and back cover with your author bio, review quotes, and/or book description.

Get your free custom quote now or check out our popular ebook-design and conversion packages.

“eBook DesignWorks was easy to work with, extremely knowledgable about design and publishing, and meticulous in their work. They delivered a beautiful product that my customers love.” —Linda Jenkins