About eBook DesignWorks

eBook DesignWorks is professional-grade publishing production company for self-publishers. We guide our clients through every stage of the publishing process and produce high-quality print books and ebooks.

Our Philosophy

Quality is the key to any successful book. We know from experience that nothing is gained by selling or distributing a poorly made print book or ebook. A high-quality book—professionally edited and designed—has a much greater chance of business or commercial success.

Our Clients

Our clients are authors, entrepreneurs, and businesses who value quality and know that great design pays for itself many times over. But they don’t have the time, inclination or background to find, vet, direct all the professionals required to publish a book or ebook—editors, proofreaders, cover designers, interior page designers, typesetters, and ebook coders. Frequently we work with print designers who need high-quality ebook conversions for their clients.

Our History

Founders Mark and Renee D’Antoni have more than five decades of combined experience in print and digital publishing production including manuscript editing, book and magazine design, typesetting, layout, and ebook coding and development.


Mark D’Antoni, Co-Founder & Director of Design

After earning his MFA in Design, Mark D’Antoni spent more than two decades designing books and magazines for trade publishers, and ultimately running complex in-house production departments. His background in design and love for technology make him a great left-brain, right-brain balance of book designer and ebook developer. An early adapter to ebook technology, Mark has been designing and coding ebooks for more than a decade.

After years as a Director of Publishing Production, Mark left corporate publishing. Together with his lovely and talented wife (and copywriter), Renee, he then founded eBook DesignWorks. Now Mark, Renee, and their expert team work with authors, businesses and small publishers around the world to bring beautiful books to life. The goal? Happy clients who are proud of their professionally produced ebooks.

Renee LinkedIn Profile 2

Renee D’Antoni, Co-Founder & Editorial Director

Renee D’Antoni is an editor, writer, photographer, and co-founder of eBook DesignWorks.

Originally from the Bay Area, Renee spent her early career as a non-fiction editor and ad-sales executive. Once her daughter was born, she focused on freelance writing and raising a young writer.

She now manages book-design and ebook-conversion projects at eBook DesignWorks. Renee dreams of the day when all books are available in high-quality MOBI formats, so she can read on her Kindle without being distracted by sloppy formatting and coding errors.