Interior layout and page design

We design beautiful interiors for books of all genres.

Your book’s interior is as important as the cover. All books with fixed layouts (print books, PDF ebooks, and fixed-format ebooks) need their pages designed, typeset, and laid out artfully.

A successful interior design matches your book’s subject matter and tone, appeals to your intended audience, and fits within your budget and printing constraints. It is visually engaging and allows for easy movement of the eye across the page. It flows, no matter how complex or technical the content. It’s logical and organized, according to principles of page design, layout, and typography. A clear information hierarchy guides readers on their journey from cover to cover.  Text must be inviting and comfortable, with plenty of breathing room. Headings, subheads, copy blocks, pull quotes, lists, margins and negative space must balance to form a cohesive and compelling design.

“The books are totally professional, aesthetically beautiful, and exactly what we were looking for. Thank you.” — Alex Keyan

How We Work

Brainstorming call

We’ll have a call to review your design brief and brainstorm about specific design elements or challenges.

Design sample

We’ll create a design sample, which you can approve or ask us to tweak until it’s perfect.

Interior layout

We’ll lay out the rest of your book according to the design sample.

Book proof and approval

You’ll get a proof of the book to review, and we’ll make any changes. When you approve the proof, your book interior is finished!

  • artful placement of images, illustrations, tables, charts, and their captions
  • clear information hierarchy that organizes and prioritizes your content, so your message is communicated clearly.
  • captivating color palette consistent with your brand and cover art.
  • easy-to-read text with attention to typeface, type size, type weight, kerning, size, effective use of cases, line spacing, and margins
  • balanced composition featuring sophisticated placement of headlines, subheads, pull quotes, copy blocks, negative space.
  • stylish chapter headings

  • book ornaments
  • clear chapter headings
  • sophisticated, attractive typography for easy reading
  • attractive page layouts with balanced type blocks and negative space