Going Gluten-Free Permanently

Going Gluten-Free Permanently:
The Food Werewolf Guide

Loren Waller, BBEhSc, PGDipPsych, GradDipEd

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It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.

You provided high quality professionalism in all areas – from the organization of our communication using Teamwork to the fabulous style and finished product of my book. Thanks to your valuable input, I have a product that looks amazing and has all the little touches that make a book attractive and easy to read.  Thanks to your open and honest opinions, I have certainly learned a lot about what readers want and need and about the process of publishing an eBook.

Being so remotely located (small-town Australia) , it was a big concern for me to find an eBook design firm who could meet my needs and still provide that personal approach to doing business without face-to-face contact.  Because I have a few books in the pipeline, I was looking for a firm that was in it for the long haul – someone who was able to get to know my brand and style, and get to know me. A firm that would just ‘get the job done’ in a flash without acknowledging the human element was NOT something I was after!  I am grateful I managed to get both quality service and that ‘personal touch’ with your firm.

I would absolutely recommend eBook DesignWorks to anyone wanting a sleek and eye-catching ebook tailored to their target audience.

I look forward to working with you again.” — Loren Waller

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